How to join file using HJsplit

All downloaded file from HDmoviez20.blogspot are in form of  .001 , .002 and, .003. Actually these files ares splitted using HJsplit. So, to join them back, you also need to use HJsplit. You don't need to install this software. Just extract .zip file which you would download and double click on HJsplit.exe to start using HJsplit. Then, the main menu of HJsplit will appear. Follow these instruction to join the file:

1. To join the files, click join


2. When new window appear, click on 'Input file'

3. After that, Dialog Box will appear where you need to choose the file you wanna join. Make sure that all the splitted files are in the same folder. Select only the first file ( .001) that you like to join( it will automatically show only .001 file). So, in this case [] The Roommate BR.mkv.001. Then, click 'Open'.

4. In the new window, click 'Start'

5. Now, HJsplit will join the files. A small window will appear telling 'Joining Complete' when it finished.The joined file si stored in deafult location, the same location as your input file, .001. Thanks. ENJOY YOUR MOVIE!